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NetSurf Web Browser for AmigaOS 4


NetSurf is a fast CSS capable web browser. The AmigaOS 4 port boasts a new native user interface, with tabbed browsing, bookmarks, history, cookie browser, ARexx port, upload and download of files, HTTP-authentication, secure sites (HTTPS), themeable interface, locale support...

NetSurf official website
Download from netsurf-browser.org
Alternate download: Aminet (only use if the official website is not showing an AmigaOS download for the current version)

Very experimental alpha version of NetSurf for 68k.


  • AmigaOS 3.5 or above (not OS4 though, use the OS4 native build instead!)
  • 32MB RAM

Download (potentially very unstable and broken, take care!)


NetSurfAddressBook netsurf External address book
SplashLauncher netsurf Display splash image while NetSurf is loading
Firefox 2 Theme netsurf A Firefox 2.x like theme


Can I open a hotlist entry in the current window/tab?
Yes! Simply drag it into the window you want it to open it.

libpng version error on startup, followed by memory errors
At some point your libpng.so has been re-linked to a later version of libpng. libcairo requires libpng 1.2 so the Cairo version of NetSurf also expects it.
To fix, open the Shell and type the following commands:

delete sobjs:libpng.so
makelink sobjs:libpng.so libpng12.so soft

"The tree was unable to be correctly loaded" after upgrading
This occurs when NetSurf is unable to load the Hotlist file. Rename users/Default/Hotlist and try again (you'll need to re-create your hotlist though).

Bug reports - IMPORTANT!

When reporting bugs, please provide the steps to reproduce the problem, and obtain both a NetSurf log file and an OS4 crashlog if possible. Use the CI build (under the link on the top-right of the NetSurf download page) to get both of these.

To get a NetSurf log, launch NetSurf with the following command line:
netsurf -v *>ram:ns.log
If NetSurf freezes the computer, you will need to replace "ram:" with a drive which won't be wiped when you reboot (and contains nothing important and a journalling filesystem like SFS or JXFS).

To get a crashog via serial (again, necessary if NetSurf freezes), you may need to run the following command:
kdebug "console serial"

MemGuard found on OS4Depot can sometimes convert freezes into a Grim Reaper.

Please raise bug reports on the official bugtracker.