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------------------------------------------------------ WELCOME TO THE UNSATISFACTORY SOFTWARE FTP DIRECTORIES ------------------------------------------------------ You can access this area by HTTP only. The previous FTP server is no longer available. Please feel free to download and distribute anything in this hierarchy. If you have any queries regarding this FTP directory, please send email to Anything relating to particular programs should be sent to the author. Structure; acorn - Acorn Archimedes/RISC PC programs. amiga - Programs for the Amiga. Note that most of our Amiga software is distributed through Aminet ( and is generally NOT duplicated again here. All links are available on the main Unsatisfactory Software pages. audio - Sound samples. casio - Our famous Calculator Games. genesis - Genesis applications, and the freely-distributable browser (since we have no idea where else you can get it from) guide - AmigaGuide documents - Viewable on many platforms. Please see html - Contains archived HTML pages. other - Programs for systems which do not have their own directory. pc - Programs for the PC. This is the *only* place to get our PC software. source - Source code for old, unreleased or unfinished programs. If you want to finish any of these, then please send an e-mail to the address in the associated .txt file. spectrum - Spectrum software for download. ssoft - Spidersoft Shareware (Nothing to do with Pinball Mania...) Moved to All this software can now be considered FREEWARE and has no restrictions. z80 - Phillip's programs written for a plain Z80 system. zx81 - ZX81 software
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