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uuid.library12K1.122 Oct 2018AmigaOS4,SourceorigUUID generating library
TRE355K0.8.012 Oct 2012AmigaOS4port[more info]regexp matching library, agrep
webp.library1104K4.1 (libwebp 0.2.0)25 Sep 2012AmigaOS4,Sourceport[more info]WebP image codec library and conversion tools
ZBar897K1.1 (0.10)09 Apr 2012AmigaOS4port[more info]Barcode scanner library and CLI tool
hubbub.library1396K1.3 (0.1.2)07 Apr 2012AmigaOS4port[more info]HTML5 parser library
parserutils.library537K1.5 (0.1.1)07 Apr 2012AmigaOS4port[more info]Utility library for parser building
neon834K0.29.606 Apr 2012AmigaOS4port[more info]HTTP/WebDAV client library
GStreamer13996K0.10.3514 Dec 2011AmigaOS4port Media streaming library
GLib19162K2.30.114 Dec 2011AmigaOS4port Partial port of GLib
libffi1020K3.0.1014 Dec 2011AmigaOS4port libffi
QScintilla 24789K2.623 Nov 2011AmigaOS4obs qt port[SUPERCEDED]Source code editing component for Qt
lzma.library539K5.1 (liblzma 5.0.2)09 Apr 2011AmigaOS4obs port[SUPERCEDED]LZMA/XZ library, xzdec/lzmadec (OS4.1FE has a newer version)
libpbl2663K1.04.0416 Feb 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceport[more info]Program Base Library newlib/static port
iconv.library882K1.1 (libiconv 1.13.1)21 Nov 2010AmigaOS4,Sourceport[more info]Character set conversion library
pasmo2917K0.6.0.20070113.017 Oct 2010AmigaOS4port[more info]Multiplatform Z80/8080 cross-assembler
libiconv1563K1.13.116 Sep 2010AmigaOS4obs port[SUPERCEDED]Character set conversion library
libjpeg81296K8b16 Sep 2010AmigaOS4port JPEG encoding/decoding library
liboauth127K0.9.116 Sep 2010AmigaOS4port Library implementing the http://oauth.net API
libtiff934K3.8.220 Mar 2010AmigaOS4port Tag Image File Format (TIFF) SObj
libxmi564K1.229 Nov 2009AmigaOS4port GNU 2D rasterisation library newlib/sobj
libical1884K0.4419 Oct 2009AmigaOS4port iCalendar protocol/data format implementation
libayemu+PSG570K12 Oct 2009AmigaOS4port libayemu with PSG (FUSE) support
so-installer19K1.204 May 2009Amiga,Installer,Sourceorig[more info]Installer script for SObjs
liblcms758K1.1713 Mar 2009AmigaOS4port Colour management library static/SObj
libmng650K1.0.1013 Mar 2009AmigaOS4port MNG graphics library static/SObj
libdl16K126 Jan 2009AmigaOS4orig libdl wrapper with shared object examples
addr2line.rexx13K126 Jan 2009AmigaOS4orig Arexx script which converts function offsets
gperf422K3.0.310 Dec 2008AmigaOS4port Generates perfect hash functions
libbz2258K1.0.505 Jul 2008Amigaport[more info]OS4 Sobj and static libraries, and static library for 68k vbcc
libspectrum319K0.4.007 Jan 2008AmigaOS4port spectrum file handling library
libdsk813K1.2.115 Mar 2008AmigaOS4port disk image manipulation library
lib765119K0.4.009 Jun 2007AmigaOS4port fdc controller emulation library
rx3h14K2.318 Apr 2007Amigaorig[more info]http-handler and screens-related Arexx function library
libfreevec1024K0.811 Sep 2006AmigaOS4port Altivec optimised clib functions
CAZM 1.27Amiga,Sourceupdate An updated but slightly incompatible version of CAZ, a Z80 assembler
lemon110K1.002 Aug 2008AmigaOS4port LALR parser for C/C++
re2c1140K0.12.302 Aug 2008AmigaOS4port Scanner generator for regular expressions
Quieter Installer scripts for AmiUpdate AmigaOS4misc[more info]Suppress prompting for Installer scripts invoked by AmiUpdate AutoInstall