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envClock38K1.215 May 2024AmigaorigEnv-var clock for WB titlebar
NetSurf (OS3 BETA)3501K3.1104 Jan 2024AmigaOSportFast CSS capable web browser (OS3 BETA)
NetSurf6394K3.1128 Dec 2023AmigaOS4portFast CSS capable web browser
Avalanche115K2.422 Sept 2023AmigaorigReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library
zmakebas180K1.8.51 Aug 2023Amiga,SourceportCreate Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P from BASIC text file
Mr. Wolf31K2.224 Feb 2023AmigaOS4origSmall SNTP time synchronisation commodity
GuideML141K3.174 Jan 2023Amiga,SourceupdateConverts AmigaGuide to HTML
Wet 6.9 update629K6.913 Jul 2022AmigaupdatePatch Wet weather software to v6.9
aye10K1.310 Mar 2022AmigaOS4,SourceorigZXAYEMUL metadata editor
FACTS248K5.1025 Jun 2021AmigaorigSynchronise your clock to NTP server time
NetSurf6394K3.1128 Dec 2023AmigaOS4portFast CSS capable web browser
Wet1911K6.703 Mar 2019AmigaorigShow weather information and forecast on Workbench
svg2dr2d317K1.205 Jan 2015Amiga,Sourceorig[more info]Converts SVG to IFF DR2D
qpdfview11581K0.4.11.108 Aug 2014AmigaOS4qt port[more info]Tabbed PDF and DjVu document viewer
WBOpenURL1K21 Oct 2013Amigaorig Open file: URLs with Workbench
Stellarium46193K0.11.4 beta30 Aug 2013AmigaOS4qt port[more info]Planetarium
MeteoStationNM3440K1.0812 Aug 2013AmigaOS4qt port USB weather station reader with brass knobs on
qMetro1233K0.6.510 Aug 2013AmigaOS4qt port[more info]Subway/metro/underground railway map/route planner
ll-to-gr52K128 Jul 2013AmigaOS4port Latitude/longitude to/from NGR conversion utilities
Siberia922K1.0.127 Jul 2013AmigaOS4qt port Contacts with Google Calendar integration (Spanish)
qOrganizer2534K3.1-527 Jul 2013AmigaOS4qt port Organiser, calendar, to-do, etc
Hotot1243K0.9.8.11 (Ada)11 May 2013AmigaOS4qt port[more info]QtWebKit based Twitter client
Extended Module Player430K3.913 Apr 2013AmigaOS4port[more info]Multi-format module player + TuneNet plugin
Dot4Spool95K1.124 Feb 2013AmigaOS4orig Print spooler with Dot4 support
YoctoFacts23K1.409 Feb 2013AmigaOS4obs orig[SUPERCEDED]Minimalistic clock synchronisation - please use Mr. Wolf instead
FACTS246K5.0705 Oct 2012AmigaorigSynchronise your clock to NTP server time
Wireless weather station reader49K0.5.119 Aug 2012AmigaOS4port USB wireless weather station reader and Wet plugin
fracplanet873K0.4.027 Jul 2013AmigaOS4qt port Fractal planet generator
GPatch65K3.129 Nov 2011AmigaOS4port[more info]Patch system for software updates
JuffEd2190K0.8.124 Nov 2011AmigaOS4obs qt port[SUPERCEDED]Advanced text editor
IconToIFF22K1.315 Aug 2011Amigaorig Convert .info icon images to IFF ILBM or DataTypes
QSimpleSheet4040K0.3.907 Aug 2011AmigaOS4obs qt port[SUPERCEDED]Simple spreadsheet (Qt)
Qonverter1206K0.5.9+git37192a227 Jul 2013AmigaOS4qt port[more info]Unit/currency converter and (matrix) calculator
Extreme Image Converter233K05 Jul 2013AmigaOS4qt port Batch image conversion using Qt
nspark140K1.7.707 Jul 2011AmigaOS4port Decompress Spark archives (SparkFS/ArcFS)
Easy Image Sizer349K2.1.510 Aug 2013AmigaOS4qt port Batch image conversion/processing tool using Qt
Perch/ftpCHMOD156K1.112 Jun 2011AmigaOS4orig Permissions/CHMOD extension for FTPMount
xadClientVer3K1.104 Jan 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceorig Determine XAD client version
WebPConv1195Kr203 Oct 2010AmigaOS4obs port[SUPERCEDED]Convert JPEG/PNG to and from WebP format
jhead156K2.9018 Sep 2010AmigaOS4,Sourceport[more info]View, modify and delete Exif information from JPEGs
Cowpat1K107 Feb 2010Amigaorig Wildcard support for commands (like Spat)
Anti-Lameness Engine8741K0.9.0.308 Jan 2010AmigaOS4port Image processor/stacker
fitr30K1.318 Aug 2009Amigaorig App-specific text file handling for installation scripts
GOCR321K0.4624 Oct 2008AmigaOS4port[more info]Optical character recognition
GuideML (CLI)59K2.607 Sep 2003Amiga,Sourceobs update[SUPERCEDED]Converts AmigaGuide to HTML - CLI
FLIC animation player160K0.218 May 2008AmigaOS4port FLI/FLC/FLX animation player
sdl-mngplay475K11 May 2008AmigaOS4port Simple MNG anim player (with iffy colour mapping)
PPMd60KJ24 Jan 2008AmigaOS4port Prediction by Partial Matching file packer
7zDec40K4.48b13 Jan 2008AmigaOS4obs port[SUPERCEDED]Quick port of 7zip extract utiliity
PolyglotMan220K3.2-aguide09 Jun 2007AmigaOS4updateConvert man pages to AmigaGuide format
RAPlay265K3.101 Jan 2007AmigaOS4port OS4 port of the RealAudio player
amilicious20K1.131 Dec 2006Amigaorig Upload AWeb hotlist to del.icio.us
iSpell_YAMEdit8K0.5.0_OS4_511 Nov 2007AmigaOS4update Spelling checker script for YAM and OS4 iSpell
iSpell3500K3.2.06rx127 Sep 2006AmigaOS4obs update[SUPERCEDED]Spell checker with Arexx port (quick hack)
pdbmake39K05 Jul 2006AmigaOS4port Creates PalmOS PDBs from any file
ltc9K1.1a02 Feb 2006AmigaOS4orig Locale telephone code info for Installer scripts
Twiglets6K1.224 Jan 2005AmigaOS4orig Make big text from ordinary fonts
jpEgXInFo11K1.102 Jan 2006AmigaOS4orig Drag'n'drop JPEG/Exif information viewer
pdversion.rexx4K1.120 Apr 2005Amigaorig Shows version number of printer drivers
ACDB 1.2Amigaupdate ACDB downloads CD track titles from the Internet. This patch makes it work again with CDDB servers
Ambot63K2.52003Amiga,Sourceorig A programmer for the Real Robots Cybot robot
BATSI4K123 Mar 1998Amigaorig Adds your expansion boards to the sysinfo.boards file
Clink10K1.120 Oct 2004AmigaOS3.5orig Adds an item to the Tools menu to create filesystem links
displaybeep1K118 Jan 1999Amigaorig Alert the user with a configurable beep
ftpCHMOD8K107 Jun 1999Amigaorig Change permissions on remote directories
HTML Uploader Amigaorig Uploads changed files
Perch8K107 Jun 1999Amigaorig Add CHMOD support to FTPMount
ppmtovtx (LhA archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceorigConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
ppmtovtx (Zip archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceorigConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
ShowTip (for SoundFX)7K1.2aAmigaOS4port[more info]OS4 recompile of Daniel Jedlicka's ShowTip
VerTool9K1AmigaOS3.5orig Obtain the version information of the selected file from the Tools menu
WordWrap35K2.324 Dec 2007AmigaOS4port Wordwrapping program - quick recompile only
Home Wine Making Recipe and Record Filing System AmigaorigA wine recipe database and record card system (Spidersoft)
NL_Winner AmigaorigNational Lottery database and prediction utility. Supports syndicates. (Spidersoft)
Spidersoft Utilities AmigaorigGarden Designer, Property Protector, Better Boot Screen (Spidersoft)
Troubleshooter AmigaorigTeletext-style help program (Spidersoft)