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NetSurf (OS3 BETA)3501K3.1104 Jan 2024AmigaOSutilFast CSS capable web browser (OS3 BETA)
NetSurf6394K3.1128 Dec 2023AmigaOS4utilFast CSS capable web browser
zmakebas180K1.8.51 Aug 2023Amiga,SourceutilCreate Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P from BASIC text file
NetSurf6394K3.1128 Dec 2023AmigaOS4utilFast CSS capable web browser
xpkSQSH46K2.113 Sep 2014AmigaOS4,Sourceplugin OS4 native xpkSQSH (unpack only)
qpdfview11581K0.4.11.108 Aug 2014AmigaOS4util[more info]Tabbed PDF and DjVu document viewer
Stellarium46193K0.11.4 beta30 Aug 2013AmigaOS4util[more info]Planetarium
MeteoStationNM3440K1.0812 Aug 2013AmigaOS4util USB weather station reader with brass knobs on
qMetro1233K0.6.510 Aug 2013AmigaOS4util[more info]Subway/metro/underground railway map/route planner
ll-to-gr52K128 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util Latitude/longitude to/from NGR conversion utilities
Siberia922K1.0.127 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util Contacts with Google Calendar integration (Spanish)
qOrganizer2534K3.1-527 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util Organiser, calendar, to-do, etc
Hotot1243K0.9.8.11 (Ada)11 May 2013AmigaOS4util[more info]QtWebKit based Twitter client
Extended Module Player430K3.913 Apr 2013AmigaOS4util[more info]Multi-format module player + TuneNet plugin
ArcEm (OS4 build)710K1.517 Dec 2012AmigaOS4emul Acorn Archimedes A400 emulator
TRE355K0.8.012 Oct 2012AmigaOS4dev[more info]regexp matching library, agrep
webp.library1104K4.1 (libwebp 0.2.0)25 Sep 2012AmigaOS4,Sourcedev[more info]WebP image codec library and conversion tools
Wireless weather station reader49K0.5.119 Aug 2012AmigaOS4util USB wireless weather station reader and Wet plugin
ZBar897K1.1 (0.10)09 Apr 2012AmigaOS4dev[more info]Barcode scanner library and CLI tool
hubbub.library1396K1.3 (0.1.2)07 Apr 2012AmigaOS4dev[more info]HTML5 parser library
parserutils.library537K1.5 (0.1.1)07 Apr 2012AmigaOS4dev[more info]Utility library for parser building
neon834K0.29.606 Apr 2012AmigaOS4dev[more info]HTTP/WebDAV client library
fracplanet873K0.4.027 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util Fractal planet generator
GStreamer13996K0.10.3514 Dec 2011AmigaOS4dev Media streaming library
GLib19162K2.30.114 Dec 2011AmigaOS4dev Partial port of GLib
libffi1020K3.0.1014 Dec 2011AmigaOS4dev libffi
ArcEm (68k build)314Karcem-fast (1.10+CVS)02 Dec 2011AmigaOSemul[more info]Acorn Archimedes A400 emulator
GPatch65K3.129 Nov 2011AmigaOS4util[more info]Patch system for software updates
JuffEd2190K0.8.124 Nov 2011AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Advanced text editor
QScintilla 24789K2.623 Nov 2011AmigaOS4dev[SUPERCEDED]Source code editing component for Qt
QSimpleSheet4040K0.3.907 Aug 2011AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Simple spreadsheet (Qt)
Qonverter1206K0.5.9+git37192a227 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util[more info]Unit/currency converter and (matrix) calculator
Extreme Image Converter233K05 Jul 2013AmigaOS4util Batch image conversion using Qt
nspark140K1.7.707 Jul 2011AmigaOS4util Decompress Spark archives (SparkFS/ArcFS)
Easy Image Sizer349K2.1.510 Aug 2013AmigaOS4util Batch image conversion/processing tool using Qt
lzma.library539K5.1 (liblzma 5.0.2)09 Apr 2011AmigaOS4dev[SUPERCEDED]LZMA/XZ library, xzdec/lzmadec (OS4.1FE has a newer version)
libpbl2663K1.04.0416 Feb 2011AmigaOS4,Sourcedev[more info]Program Base Library newlib/static port
sz81568K2.1.713 Feb 2011AmigaOS4emul[more info]Sinclair ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 emulator based on xz81
Fuse2332K1.0.0.112 Jan 2011AmigaOS4emul[more info]Advanced SDL Spectrum emulator
iconv.library882K1.1 (libiconv 1.13.1)21 Nov 2010AmigaOS4,Sourcedev[more info]Character set conversion library
pasmo2917K0.6.0.20070113.017 Oct 2010AmigaOS4dev[more info]Multiplatform Z80/8080 cross-assembler
WebPConv1195Kr203 Oct 2010AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Convert JPEG/PNG to and from WebP format
jhead156K2.9018 Sep 2010AmigaOS4,Sourceutil[more info]View, modify and delete Exif information from JPEGs
libiconv1563K1.13.116 Sep 2010AmigaOS4dev[SUPERCEDED]Character set conversion library
libjpeg81296K8b16 Sep 2010AmigaOS4dev JPEG encoding/decoding library
liboauth127K0.9.116 Sep 2010AmigaOS4dev Library implementing the http://oauth.net API
libtiff934K3.8.220 Mar 2010AmigaOS4dev Tag Image File Format (TIFF) SObj
Anti-Lameness Engine8741K0.9.0.308 Jan 2010AmigaOS4util Image processor/stacker
libxmi564K1.229 Nov 2009AmigaOS4dev GNU 2D rasterisation library newlib/sobj
libical1884K0.4419 Oct 2009AmigaOS4dev iCalendar protocol/data format implementation
libayemu+PSG570K12 Oct 2009AmigaOS4dev libayemu with PSG (FUSE) support
liblcms758K1.1713 Mar 2009AmigaOS4dev Colour management library static/SObj
libmng650K1.0.1013 Mar 2009AmigaOS4dev MNG graphics library static/SObj
gperf422K3.0.310 Dec 2008AmigaOS4dev Generates perfect hash functions
fuse-utils1076K0.10.004 Dec 2008AmigaOS4emul[more info]Spectrum emulator utils
GOCR321K0.4624 Oct 2008AmigaOS4util[more info]Optical character recognition
libbz2258K1.0.505 Jul 2008Amigadev[more info]OS4 Sobj and static libraries, and static library for 68k vbcc
FLIC animation player160K0.218 May 2008AmigaOS4util FLI/FLC/FLX animation player
sdl-mngplay475K11 May 2008AmigaOS4util Simple MNG anim player (with iffy colour mapping)
zxtext2p109K1.00a06 Jul 2008Amigaemul Compile plain text BASIC into ZX81 .P files
pspzx811200K1.2.0a05 Apr 2008AmigaOS4emul[SUPERCEDED]ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 emulator based on xz81
psg2mid64K2.0129 Mar 2008AmigaOS4emul Convert PSG files to MIDI
PPMd60KJ24 Jan 2008AmigaOS4util Prediction by Partial Matching file packer
7zDec40K4.48b13 Jan 2008AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Quick port of 7zip extract utiliity
libspectrum319K0.4.007 Jan 2008AmigaOS4dev spectrum file handling library
libdsk813K1.2.115 Mar 2008AmigaOS4dev disk image manipulation library
lib765119K0.4.009 Jun 2007AmigaOS4dev fdc controller emulation library
RAPlay265K3.101 Jan 2007AmigaOS4util OS4 port of the RealAudio player
libfreevec1024K0.811 Sep 2006AmigaOS4dev Altivec optimised clib functions
pdbmake39K05 Jul 2006AmigaOS4util Creates PalmOS PDBs from any file
empty-handler15K1.105 Feb 2006AmigaOS4,Sourcemisc Creates empty files - OS4 port
scr2gif26K109 Jan 2006AmigaOS4,Sourceemul Convert Spectrum screens to GIF - OS4 recompile
BINTAP Amigaemul Convert any binary file into Spectrum .TAP format
BMP2SPEC Amigaemul A simple black and white BMP to Spectrum conversion utility
lemon110K1.002 Aug 2008AmigaOS4dev LALR parser for C/C++
re2c1140K0.12.302 Aug 2008AmigaOS4dev Scanner generator for regular expressions
SGE: Spectrum Graphics Editor 1.6Amigaemul[more info]Rip and edit graphics within Spectrum snapshot files
ShowTip (for SoundFX)7K1.2aAmigaOS4util[more info]OS4 recompile of Daniel Jedlicka's ShowTip
WordWrap35K2.324 Dec 2007AmigaOS4util Wordwrapping program - quick recompile only