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GuideML141K3.174 Jan 2023Amiga,SourceutilConverts AmigaGuide to HTML
Wet 6.9 update629K6.913 Jul 2022AmigautilPatch Wet weather software to v6.9
LhA XAD client77K1.1607 Feb 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceplugin[more info]XADMaster/UnArc LhA client update (external module)
GuideML (CLI)59K2.607 Sep 2003Amiga,Sourceutil[SUPERCEDED]Converts AmigaGuide to HTML - CLI
PolyglotMan220K3.2-aguide09 Jun 2007AmigaOS4utilConvert man pages to AmigaGuide format
iSpell_YAMEdit8K0.5.0_OS4_511 Nov 2007AmigaOS4util Spelling checker script for YAM and OS4 iSpell
iSpell3500K3.2.06rx127 Sep 2006AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Spell checker with Arexx port (quick hack)
ACDB 1.2Amigautil ACDB downloads CD track titles from the Internet. This patch makes it work again with CDDB servers
CAZM 1.27Amiga,Sourcedev An updated but slightly incompatible version of CAZ, a Z80 assembler
zxam_tape zx81 Amigaemul Updated version of zxam_tape.zxam that can handle direct load of .p files into the Spectrum's ZX81 emulator
ZX Datatype 39.4Amigadatatype A patch to improve the colour palette on the 68k ZX Datatype