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Top Ten Barcodes

1. (1) What's On TV
2. (2) Barcode Review
3. (3) Golden Churn
4. (4) Radio Times
5. (5) 56K Modem
6. (6) Sinclair ZX Spectrum
7. (7) Your Sinclair (April 1990)
8. (8) Gator Grip
9. (9) Your Sinclair
10. (10) Wayne's World 2

Previous position in brackets. (NE) shows a new entry. (RE) is a re-entry.

It's all change in the barcode charts this month! (looks at chart properly). Erm.. actually, it's exactly the same as last time. Apparently BCIA (the people who compile the charts) were having a few technical difficulties, and have not been able to compile accurate figures since our previous issue.
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