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Reviews - An A-Z Of Barcodes: The Complete Barcode Guide

Bradley R Code has excelled himself with this amzing book about barcodes. Their design, implementation and a complete guide to every known code on the planet. However, who cares about the content? It's the barcode we're interested in!

Unfortunately, this is where it falls down. Sure, it's pretty. Every line in the code is printed in a slightly different colour. This is the barcode's only strong point. The background is almost as dark as the code itself, making it virtually impossible to see and - proven - completely impossible to actually scan.

Colour: Pretty. Very pretty. | ||| 10/10
Size: Average. || | | 5/10
Design: Crap, basically. | ||| 0/10
Code: A mathematian's nightmare | ||| 0/10
Overall: Avoid, unless you want to read the book. ||| || || 23%

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