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Unsatisfactory Software was formed in 1996, as a place of worship for ex-Spectrum owners wanting to relive the delights of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator.

The name "Unsatisfactory Software" was, er, "discovered" while browsing through a spell checker's dictionary - we needed a name, but couldn't think of one. Hoping that the spell checker would give us some kind of inspiration, we got as far as 'U' before getting any. The 'checker then came up with "unsatisfactory" - which was great, because our current implementation of ALS *was*.

However, a few years later, I decided we needed some kind of advertising slogan. I came up with "because it is", because all our software was. Actually, no. Some of it is, obviously (hey, nobody is perfect - not even us!), but we have had a number of successes: the "mowersim" package, for example, has been highly rated by Aminet users (weeks 13 and 14 of 1998), FACTS has been similarly rated, and Your Sinclair: A Celebration has received a number of complimentary comments from people who used to write for that magazine.