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PDHFIC Welcome to the PDHFIC support area.

PDHFIC is an image conversion program for the Amiga, which can create Spectrum-compatible pictures.

Please note that the old ppmtoscr program is no longer being developed (except for a bug-fix update and OS4 port in 2008! - Chris). This is a PPM to SCR convertor for OS2.04 and up, and can be used in conjunction with the NetPBM package on Aminet. A lot of information in these PDHFIC pages also relates to ppmtoscr. The last version of ppmtoscr is 3.5, downloadable from Aminet. The latest version of PDHFIC is 3.0 (07.05.2001) for AmigaOS 3 68k or 3.2 (12.11.2008) for AmigaOS 4 and (albeit very unstable) AROS x86.

If you do not have access to an Amiga, there are some conversion programs for other platforms. BMP2SCR is an excellent conversion utility for Windows, with dithering and other features, and results that are similar to PDHFIC.

Alternatively, BMP2SPEC has been converted to a lot of platforms, and most can be found in the WoS tools directory. Note that BMP2SPEC is very simple and does not handle colour. There are Amiga 68k and PPC (OS4) versions on Aminet.