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Once referred to as "the other Care in the Community Candidate", Phillip (two "L"s - that's three in total) is probably most famous for his imaginatively-titled "My Story" stories. With the recently finished "My Story #72", and a host of other scripts under his belt, Phill is hoping that a major film producer will buy some of his work without actually seeing it first, or in fact knowing that it exists.

Phill is adept at programming in raw Z80 assembler, whilst simultaneously juggling Panda Pops and ordering a pizza. The pizza in question being one ordered from his car, when it broke down on a busy ring road (the car, not the pizza). Anyway, the nice chaps at Pizza Hut managed to find him and alerted the emergency services. The fact that Phill phoned Pizza Hut rather than the breakdown service probably goes to show just how his mind works.

Phill was going to do his own website ("yet another one about nothing useful whatsoever, only in a sort of e-zine format"), but he changed his mind at least three times since then, and not yet got round to doing any of them. It appears that he's been a bit busy lately with digging out old badly written comedy, including draft event diaries, I Spy Mr Haddow, a poor-quality sitcom called "Winning A Million" and Celebrity Maths. Believe me, the only person smiling at the Thresher's Disco will be you, as you laugh at one of his many jokes (most ripped off of - in fact transcripts of - stuff that was on the telly once)

Oh, and remember to check out why he thinks Capital FM is rubbish.

Phillip Lake