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Knife and Wife ppmtovtx converts PPM format pictures (you can convert most formats to PPM with the NetPBM package) to Videotex/teletext format block graphics.

ppmtovtx can be downloaded with source code (in ANSI C) and ready-compiled binaries for Amiga (68k and OS4 PPC), DOS/Windows and intent, from the following sites:

It should compile with no modifications on other operating systems, eg. Linux or MacOS.

The image on the right is an example of the output from ppmtovtx. This is a conversion of a scene from Knife & Wife, the original image can be found at Bubblegun.

Also may be of interest for OS4 users:

Videotex Datatype 1.6 [AmigaOS4]
Videotex/Teletext/Viewdata/CEPT-3 datatype