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Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorAdvanced Lawnmower Simulator [Amiga,Various]
Gardening has never been so much fun

Latest Software Updates

Videotex Datatype 1.6 [AmigaOS4]
Videotex/Teletext/Viewdata/CEPT-3 datatype
zmakebas 1.6 [Amiga]
Create Spectrum/ZX81 .TAP/.P from BASIC text file
TZX2TAP 1.2 [Spectrum Next]
TZX to TAP converter (dot command) for ZX Spectrum Next
ALS: A Visual NovelALS: A Visual Novel 1
A visual novel based on Advanced Lawnmower Simulator
NetSurf 3.9 [AmigaOS4]
Fast CSS capable web browser

Popular Software

ZX81 Utils / Spectrum.fontZX81 Utils / Spectrum.font 4 [Amiga,intent,Source]
Contains Pot81 to convert between Xtender and Atari emulator formats, and some quick ports of ZX81 listing utils and a new ZX80 listing util with GUI
LhA XAD clientLhA XAD client 1.16 [AmigaOS4,Source]
XADMaster/UnArc LhA client update (external module)
WBOpenURLWBOpenURL [Amiga]
Open file: URLs with Workbench
Weird StuffWeird Stuff [Amiga]
Includes the famous RM380Z emulator, a David Darling simulator and loads of other crap

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