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TZX2TAP16K1.208 Apr 2020Spectrum NextutilTZX to TAP converter (dot command) for ZX Spectrum Next
Advanced Pedestrian Crossing Simulator5K112 Jul 1998Z80game Written solely for a Z80 processor, APCS uses no ROM routines and is portable across Z80 platforms
Advanced Washing Machine Simulator Spectrumgame Rolling demo of hardcore washing machine action
CSSCGC Entries Spectrumgame Highlights include the C5 simulator trilogy, Advanced Windows 95 Simulator, Europe-Vision and, of course, Erotic Pinball
More CSSCGC Entries Spectrumgame Barcode Hangman and Sim City: The Text Adventure
Journey To Yatton Spectrumgame Help Uncle Clive deliver a ZX81 to Yatton