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Wet v6.5 - Download from Aminet
Also download patch for v6.x => v6.5

Wet displays weather information on AmigaOS 4 or 3.9BB2, either in the titlebar (on OS4) or as an icon on Workbench. There is also a GUI to show further information, and customise the units used, and a simple plug-in interface to allow getting data from elsewhere.

Current conditions

Click on the image below to see a preview of the full set of Ken's 256-colour weather icons, included in the archive. A similar 32-bit set is also included along with the more OS4.1-style cha05e90 set.


It will run in your local language (where available - see further down this page for available translations) and will search for the monitoring station nearest to you, given your latitude and longitude. You can look this up using a site such as Maporama.


The forecast tab is split into two sections. The trend forecast at the top shows the predicted weather for the next hour or so, until the next update of the current forecast. This information is only available at selected sites outside of the USA.

The lower section (added in v4.0) needs to be populated by clicking "Update". This will obtain any available short and long range forecasts, and merge them to display as much information (duration-wise) as possible. This typically extends up to about 24 hours in advance, but depends on the site and the time the information was retrieved. Some sites have no data or no relevant data, in which case Wet will display a blank listview.


Available translations

The version number in the table below is the version of Wet the catalog was last updated for. Old catalogs still work on current versions, although some strings will not be translated. No version number in the table means that I haven't received the translation yet. All translations are in the current Wet archive, newer files may be linked from the table below. Please note that the top seven are now rolled into the v6.2 update archive.

FinnishMarko Raina6.7
CzechDaniel Jedlicka / Jaroslav Kabara6.1
ItalianSamir Hawamdeh / Luca Rossato6.1
TurkishSinan Gürkan6.1
SpanishIñaki Alejo Arregui6.1
BasqueRoberto Saez Martin6.1
GermanSimon Neumann6.1
PolishSebastian Rosa / Dariusz Krzempek (OS3 re-encode)6.1
FrenchAlexandre Balaban6.1
Norwegian-nynorskPål Nygård6.1
NorwegianMarkus Nygård / Pål Nygård6.1
GreekCostantino Damilakis6.1
DutchMaurice van Paasen5.3
SwedishHarry Samwel*3.1

* needs new maintainer

If your favourite language isn't in the table above, please email chris@unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk for the catalog descriptor file to translate.

Common problems

Wet doesn't show up in AmiDock when run from WBStartUp on OS4.1 update 1

Download the latest version, and add STARTUPDELAY=1 to tooltypes.

Other colours on my Workbench screen change when Wet is running

Go into the Workbench prefs editor and change the icon image quality from "best" to "good".

I get error "Unable to resolve IP address" if I put Wet into WBStartUp

Add "DELAY=n" (where n is the number of seconds to wait) to Wet's tooltypes. This will make Wet wait before obtaining weather info, and allow your network connection to finish initialising.

I can't see the overlay icons

You're probably using the OS3.9 version. If you are using PowerIcons, you need to add ICONS=COLOR to Wet's tooltypes. If you are using AfA's icon.library, try downloading this updated version

No text is displayed on OS3.1.4

This appears to be a bug in OS3.1.4's string.gadget. You'll need to use the version from OS3.9 for now.


Why does it say version blah blah blah in the doc, but the version of the executable is blah blah blah blah?

Since v5.1, Wet now only uses internal AmigaOS version numbering.

I wanna docky!

Perhaps you should consider upgrading to the latest version of Wet?

Will you release an OS3.x version?

See the answer to the above question.

Hints and tips

  • You can rename and snapshot Wet's AppIcon using Workbench's Icon menu, just like any other icon. Just remember to choose "Save Config" within Wet to make the changes permanent.
  • Speed up Wet's updates, and reduce Internet network traffic, by specifying a proxy server (see the tooltypes section of the documentation for how to do this). Ask your ISP if they have a public "web cache" proxy you can use.


Icon collections

AmigaLook wet Wet themes and icons collections
Stardock PNG weather icons226K1.111 Aug 2007wet Stardock PNG weather icon set for Wet (preview)
MasonIcons wet Drawer and program icon for Wet


Wireless weather station reader49K0.5.119 Aug 2012wet USB wireless weather station reader and Wet plugin

Other resources

Various Arexx scripts wet Scripts from Nate Webb
Italian translation wet Updated Italian catalog for Wet 6.5

Also check out BenchBoards which gives an alternative way of displaying Wet's weather information.

If you are using the OS3.9 version with AfA_OS, please get the updated icon library which works correctly with Wet.