Unsatisfactory Software
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Unsatisfactory Software are...

Chris Young - chris@unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk
Website designer and maintainer, YSAC project manager, Amiga programming.

Phillip Lake - phil@unsatisfactorysoftware.co.uk
PC programming, writes quite a lot for YSAC. And some stories.

Simon Kingsbury - SimonKingsbury@excite.com
Currently in charge of designing and printing T-shirts and stationary.

People with an (important) involvement in Unsatisfactory Software...

Matthew Garrett - cavan@enterprise.net
Host of the Your Sinclair: A Celebration website.

Aunty Madge - aunty.madge@yoursinclair.co.uk
Unsatisfactory Software's resident Agony Aunt, answering YSAC readers' problems.