Unsatisfactory Software
Unsatisfactory Software

Latest Software Updates

zmakebaszmakebas 1.2 [Amiga]
Create .TAP from BASIC text file
NetSurf 3.3 [AmigaOS4]
Fast CSS capable web browser
7-Zip XAD Client7-Zip XAD Client 2.5 [Amiga]
7-Zip client for xadmaster.library (UnArc)
drawing.datatypedrawing.datatype 53.3 [AmigaOS4,Source]
Structured art datatype and IFF DR2D, SVG subclasses
svg2dr2dsvg2dr2d 1.2 [Amiga,Source]
Converts SVG to IFF DR2D

Popular Software

FuseFuse [AmigaOS4]
Advanced SDL Spectrum emulator
Mac KeymapMac Keymap 2 [AmigaOS4]
OS4 keymaps for Apple Mac keyboards (British, Swedish)
Spectrum GlowIconsSpectrum GlowIcons 1 [AmigaOS3.5]
A collection of Spectrum emulation related GlowIcons
rx3hrx3h 2.3 [Amiga]
http-handler and screens-related Arexx function library
hubbub.libraryhubbub.library 1.3 (0.1.2) [AmigaOS4]
HTML5 parser library
gsitemap.phpgsitemap.php 1.1 [PHP]
Easy creation of Google Sitemaps
qMetroqMetro 0.6.5 [AmigaOS4]
Subway/metro/underground railway map/route planner
C16 Crap Games CollectionC16 Crap Games Collection [C16]
A collection of - somewhat surreal - BASIC programs written for the C16, salvaged from an old tape and converted to .PRG files


Your Sinclair: A CelebrationYour Sinclair: A Celebration
Irrelevant drivel and made-up lies
Advanced Lawnmower SimulatorAdvanced Lawnmower Simulator [Amiga,Various]
Gardening has never been so much fun
Crap Game Finder [Spectrum]
Search the CSSCGC archives
UK DTT (Freeview HD) Channel ListUK DTT (Freeview HD) Channel List
Regionalised and filterable
Bedford weatherBedford weather
Recent observations

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