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File Viewing Utils (AmigaGuide and Genesis databases)

AmigaGuide files are nothing more than ordinary text files. You can view them with the same program you use to see text files, but all the hypertext links will obviously not work. If you can, I suggest you use a proper AmigaGuide viewer: several possibilities are listed below;


Workbench 1.3 - 2.05
You will need to download and install AmigaGuide 34.

Workbench 2.1
I suspect WB2.1 already has AmigaGuide included (SYS:Utilities/AmigaGuide), but if not you'll need to download the above archive.

Workbench 3.0 and higher
Workbench 3 includes AmigaGuide in the form of a Datatype, so AmigaGuides will need to be loaded into MultiView.

There are several alternatives also available.


JAVA 1.1
JAGUaR is an AmigaGuide browser for JAVA, which can also retrieve documents over the Internet. More information

IBM Compatible

Users of MS-DOS can obtain AGView, which has a few limitations but seems to do the job well enough. More information

Windows 95 and up (may work on Win3.1 with Win32)
If you use a recent(ish) version of Windows, then WinGuide is excellent for viewing AmigaGuides. More information


The Linux version of AGView, which probably works on other UNIXs as well, should be fine. More information

There is a newer one called AGReader. More information

I think there is a program called "xguide" which is an AmigaGuide viewer for X-windows. I may be wrong, but any information would be appreciated. E-mail

Genesis databases are viewable using RISC OS and Windows. Genesis is a multimedia authoring program for Acorn RISC OS written by Oak Solutions. Applications written using Genesis can be viewed using Genesis Browser for RISC OS or Windows. I'm not sure whether the Windows version was ever more than just the browser, but it seems to cope - just about - with most Genesis applications written using the Acorn version.


Windows 3.1 and up (32-bit Windows 7 compatible!)
You will need to download and install Genesis Browser for Windows. This has a nasty habit of giving "Bad Text Style" error messages, but these are harmless (just hold the enter key down until they disappear).

This is a repackaged version. If you downloaded Genesis Browser for Windows previously and the installation failed, please download again. [Genesis Browser (Genesis Run Time) version 1.05]