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drawing.datatype214K53.929 Oct 2022AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]Structured art datatype and IFF DR2D, SVG subclasses
aye10K1.310 Mar 2022AmigaOS4,SourceutilZXAYEMUL metadata editor
uuid.library12K1.122 Oct 2018AmigaOS4,SourcedevUUID generating library
UK DTT flash briefing 1.011 Oct 2018Alexautil Alexa flash briefing with DTT channel and licence updates
ALS 1.015 Feb 2018Alexagame Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for Amazon Echo
svg2dr2d317K1.205 Jan 2015Amiga,Sourceutil[more info]Converts SVG to IFF DR2D
WebP Datatype213K1.625 Sep 2012AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]WebP image datatype
sprite.datatype88K2.415 Oct 11AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]Datatype for RISC OS Sprites
xadClientVer3K1.104 Jan 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceutil Determine XAD client version
BMP Datatype68K1.321 Nov 2010AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]BMP datatype and nsbmp.library based on libnsbmp
so-installer19K1.204 May 2009Amiga,Installer,Sourcedev[more info]Installer script for SObjs
Ambot63K2.52003Amiga,Sourceutil A programmer for the Real Robots Cybot robot
C16 Crap Games Collection3K09 Jun 2002C16game A collection of - somewhat surreal - BASIC programs written for the C16, salvaged from an old tape and converted to .PRG files
ppmtovtx (LhA archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceutilConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
ppmtovtx (Zip archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceutilConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
Weird Stuff 05 Jun 1998Acorngame Includes the famous RM380Z emulator, a David Darling simulator and loads of other crap
ZX81 Utils / Spectrum.font204K428 Jun 2008Amiga,intent,Sourceemul Contains Pot81 to convert between Xtender and Atari emulator formats, and some quick ports of ZX81 listing utils and a new ZX80 listing util with GUI
iTrove tools4K10 Jun 2013Sourcemisc[more info]iTrove tools (example source only)
NL_Winner Source SourceutilNational Lottery database - AMOS source code (Spidersoft)