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ArcEm (OS4 build)710K1.517 Dec 2012AmigaOS4port Acorn Archimedes A400 emulator
ArcEm (68k build)314Karcem-fast (1.10+CVS)02 Dec 2011AmigaOSport[more info]Acorn Archimedes A400 emulator
sz81568K2.1.713 Feb 2011AmigaOS4port[more info]Sinclair ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 emulator based on xz81
Fuse2332K1.0.0.112 Jan 2011AmigaOS4port[more info]Advanced SDL Spectrum emulator
PDHFIC (AROS)409K3.311 Oct 2009AROS-x86,AROS-ppcorigConvert Datatypes images to Spectrum format
fuse-utils1076K0.10.004 Dec 2008AmigaOS4port[more info]Spectrum emulator utils
PDHFIC (OS4)244K3.212 Nov 2008AmigaOS4origConvert Datatypes images to Spectrum format
ppmtoscr/zxtoppm100K3.529 Jun 2008AmigaorigConvert PPM images to/from Spectrum SCR format
zxtext2p109K1.00a06 Jul 2008Amigaport Compile plain text BASIC into ZX81 .P files
pspzx811200K1.2.0a05 Apr 2008AmigaOS4obs port[SUPERCEDED]ZX80/ZX81/TS1000 emulator based on xz81
psg2mid64K2.0129 Mar 2008AmigaOS4port Convert PSG files to MIDI
scr2gif26K109 Jan 2006AmigaOS4,Sourceport Convert Spectrum screens to GIF - OS4 recompile
BINTAP Amigaport Convert any binary file into Spectrum .TAP format
BMP2SPEC Amigaport A simple black and white BMP to Spectrum conversion utility
PDHFIC (OS3) 307 May 2001AmigaorigConvert Datatypes images to Spectrum format
SGE: Spectrum Graphics Editor 1.6Amigaport[more info]Rip and edit graphics within Spectrum snapshot files
Spectrum GlowIcons19K1AmigaOS3.5orig A collection of Spectrum emulation related GlowIcons
zxam_tape zx81 Amigaupdate Updated version of zxam_tape.zxam that can handle direct load of .p files into the Spectrum's ZX81 emulator
ZX81 Utils / Spectrum.font204K428 Jun 2008Amiga,intent,Sourceorig Contains Pot81 to convert between Xtender and Atari emulator formats, and some quick ports of ZX81 listing utils and a new ZX80 listing util with GUI