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Purple Bunny's Quest11K3 Aug 2023Spectrumorig An arcade adventure with bunnies (prototype)
ALS: A Visual Novel 129 Dec 2019orig A visual novel based on Advanced Lawnmower Simulator
ALS 1.015 Feb 2018Alexaorig Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for Amazon Echo
Advanced Grim Reaper Simulator (pre-release)2K25 Jun 2006Spectrumupdate Take control of the Grim Reaper as he does a garden make-over!
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Amiga,Variousorig[more info]Gardening has never been so much fun
Advanced Pedestrian Crossing Simulator5K112 Jul 1998Z80orig Written solely for a Z80 processor, APCS uses no ROM routines and is portable across Z80 platforms
Advanced Washing Machine Simulator Spectrumorig Rolling demo of hardcore washing machine action
Back of the Grid: The Sinclair C5 Simulator303K117 Mar 1998Amigaorig The ultimate Sinclair C5 simulator. Race against another player, the computer or the clock!
C16 Crap Games Collection3K09 Jun 2002C16orig A collection of - somewhat surreal - BASIC programs written for the C16, salvaged from an old tape and converted to .PRG files
CSSCGC Entries Spectrumorig Highlights include the C5 simulator trilogy, Advanced Windows 95 Simulator, Europe-Vision and, of course, Erotic Pinball
More CSSCGC Entries Spectrumorig Barcode Hangman and Sim City: The Text Adventure
Daz-Chaz: The Trilogy47K131 Mar 1998Amiga,CasioorigStarring Shane Ritchie! Will you pass the Daz Doorstep Challenge, or, er, not?
Journey To Yatton Spectrumorig Help Uncle Clive deliver a ZX81 to Yatton
Official YS Management Simulator Spectrum Management sim from Jonathan Nash
On-line Tarot PerlorigSee what the cards have to say about your future
Weird Stuff460K05 Jun 1998Amigaorig Includes the famous RM380Z emulator, a David Darling simulator and loads of other crap
Weird Stuff 05 Jun 1998Acornorig Includes the famous RM380Z emulator, a David Darling simulator and loads of other crap
Crap Game Finder SpectrummiscSearch the CSSCGC archives
Crap Game Finder Spectrumsoft_resSearch the CSSCGC archives
CSSCGC 2007 Spectrummisccomp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2007
Oh No! Traffic Warden! AmigaorigBoard game (Spidersoft)