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GuideML141K3.174 Jan 2023Amiga,SourceutilConverts AmigaGuide to HTML
Wet 6.9 update629K6.913 Jul 2022AmigautilPatch Wet weather software to v6.9
LhA XAD client77K1.1607 Feb 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceplugin[more info]XADMaster/UnArc LhA client update (external module)
GuideML (CLI)59K2.607 Sep 2003Amiga,Sourceutil[SUPERCEDED]Converts AmigaGuide to HTML - CLI
PolyglotMan220K3.2-aguide09 Jun 2007AmigaOS4utilConvert man pages to AmigaGuide format
iSpell_YAMEdit8K0.5.0_OS4_511 Nov 2007AmigaOS4util Spelling checker script for YAM and OS4 iSpell
iSpell3500K3.2.06rx127 Sep 2006AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Spell checker with Arexx port (quick hack)
Advanced Grim Reaper Simulator (pre-release)2K25 Jun 2006Spectrumgame Take control of the Grim Reaper as he does a garden make-over!
ACDB 1.2Amigautil ACDB downloads CD track titles from the Internet. This patch makes it work again with CDDB servers
CAZM 1.27Amiga,Sourcedev An updated but slightly incompatible version of CAZ, a Z80 assembler
Extended Module Player Sourceutil OS4 patches, added XFD decrunch routine
zxam_tape zx81 Amigaemul Updated version of zxam_tape.zxam that can handle direct load of .p files into the Spectrum's ZX81 emulator
ZX Datatype 39.4Amigadatatype A patch to improve the colour palette on the 68k ZX Datatype