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GuideML is an AmigaGuide to HTML converter for the Amiga. It will convert most AmigaGuides and since v3.1 now has a GUI. A random selection of features:

  • Supports @wordwrap and @smartwrap
  • Handles macros and links to line number references.
  • Will convert from multi-file and single-file AmigaGuides to multi-file or single-file HTML
See the documentation for more information.

This is compiled for OS3.2 and OS4. The archive contains a 68k and PPC binary, plus the source code.


  • GuideML 3.17 - Aminet | Changes | Source
  • GuideML 2.6 - Aminet (v2.6 is a CLI-only version for OS2.04 and up - v3+ should still work on 2.1 in command-line mode only, please try that version first as it has a lot of new features and bug-fixes)