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envClock38K1.215 May 2024AmigautilEnv-var clock for WB titlebar
Avalanche115K2.422 Sept 2023AmigautilReAction GUI for xfd/xadmaster.library
Mr. Wolf31K2.224 Feb 2023AmigaOS4utilSmall SNTP time synchronisation commodity
drawing.datatype214K53.929 Oct 2022AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]Structured art datatype and IFF DR2D, SVG subclasses
http-handler87K1.112 Jun 2022AmigaOS4misc[more info]HTTP: device for accessing web-hosted files
aye10K1.310 Mar 2022AmigaOS4,SourceutilZXAYEMUL metadata editor
FACTS248K5.1025 Jun 2021AmigautilSynchronise your clock to NTP server time
Videotex Datatype60K1.628 Jun 2020AmigaOS4datatypeVideotex/Teletext/Viewdata/CEPT-3 datatype
libarchive XAD Client1894K3.320 Jun 2019AmigapluginRAR5/ZIPX client for xadmaster.library (UnArc)
Wet1911K6.703 Mar 2019AmigautilShow weather information and forecast on Workbench
uuid.library12K1.122 Oct 2018AmigaOS4,SourcedevUUID generating library
7-Zip XAD Client242K2.828 Oct 2017Amigaplugin[more info]7-Zip client for xadmaster.library (UnArc)
gcp.device1476K1.406 May 2017AmigaOS4misc[SUPERCEDED]Google Cloud Print driver
svg2dr2d317K1.205 Jan 2015Amiga,Sourceutil[more info]Converts SVG to IFF DR2D
webdav-handler beta1268K3.3 (beta6)12 Jul 2014AmigaOS4misc[more info]WebDAV virtual filesystem
xpkLZ4026K1.113 Oct 2014AmigaOS4plugin LZ4 based XPK packer
xpkL2XZ29K1.112 Sep 2014AmigaOS4plugin LZMA2/XZ-based XPK packer
WBOpenURL1K21 Oct 2013Amigautil Open file: URLs with Workbench
libqdt.so81K1.403 Jul 2013AmigaOS4plugin[more info]DataTypes image format plugin for Qt
ipp.device1835K1.120 Apr 2013AmigaOS4misc Internet Printing Protocol driver
Dot4Spool95K1.124 Feb 2013AmigaOS4util Print spooler with Dot4 support
YoctoFacts23K1.409 Feb 2013AmigaOS4util[SUPERCEDED]Minimalistic clock synchronisation - please use Mr. Wolf instead
FACTS246K5.0705 Oct 2012AmigautilSynchronise your clock to NTP server time
WebP Datatype213K1.625 Sep 2012AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]WebP image datatype
RAR3 XAD client314K2.505 Feb 2012Amigaplugin RAR3 client for xadmaster.library (UnArc)
XZ XAD/UnArc client28K1.224 Jan 2012AmigaOS4plugin XZ client for XAD (requires lzma.library)
sprite.datatype88K2.415 Oct 11AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]Datatype for RISC OS Sprites
IconToIFF22K1.315 Aug 2011Amigautil Convert .info icon images to IFF ILBM or DataTypes
Perch/ftpCHMOD156K1.112 Jun 2011AmigaOS4util Permissions/CHMOD extension for FTPMount
xadClientVer3K1.104 Jan 2011AmigaOS4,Sourceutil Determine XAD client version
BMP Datatype68K1.321 Nov 2010AmigaOS4,Sourcedatatype[more info]BMP datatype and nsbmp.library based on libnsbmp
TuneNet XMP plugin430K3.913 Apr 2012AmigaOS4plugin[more info]Multi-format module player plugin for TuneNet (same file as xmp)
Cowpat1K107 Feb 2010Amigautil Wildcard support for commands (like Spat)
XFD XAD Client23K1.225 Aug 2014AmigaOS4plugin xfdmaster client for xadmaster.library (UnArc)
fitr30K1.318 Aug 2009Amigautil App-specific text file handling for installation scripts
so-installer19K1.204 May 2009Amiga,Installer,Sourcedev[more info]Installer script for SObjs
JNG/MNG/PNG picture datatype373K1.312 Mar 2009AmigaOS4datatype JNG/MNG/PNG picture datatype
libdl16K126 Jan 2009AmigaOS4dev libdl wrapper with shared object examples
addr2line.rexx13K126 Jan 2009AmigaOS4dev Arexx script which converts function offsets
PDHFIC (OS4)244K3.212 Nov 2008AmigaOS4emulConvert Datatypes images to Spectrum format
SCR Datatype85K1.502 Jul 2008AmigaOS4datatype Spectrum/Timex SCR/SCREEN$ datatype
ppmtoscr/zxtoppm100K3.529 Jun 2008AmigaemulConvert PPM images to/from Spectrum SCR format
FLIC datatype44K1.701 Jun 2008AmigaOS4datatype Autodesk Animator (FLI/FLC) animation datatype
LZMA XFD slave29K1.2a25 Aug 2014Amigaplugin[more info]LZMA decruncher for xfdmaster.library
WBMP datatype40K1.103 Nov 07AmigaOS4datatype Wireless/WAP BMP datatype
rx3h14K2.318 Apr 2007Amigadev[more info]http-handler and screens-related Arexx function library
PNM datatype50K1.207 Apr 2007AmigaOS4datatype PBM/PGM/PPM "portable anymap" datatype
TuneNet Datatypes plugin18K1.501 Jan 2007AmigaOS4plugin[SUPERCEDED]Datatypes player plugin for TuneNet pre-OS4.1u1.
amilicious20K1.131 Dec 2006Amigautil Upload AWeb hotlist to del.icio.us
http-handler beta31K2.4beta25 Oct 2006AmigaOS4misc[SUPERCEDED]Virtual HTTP: device with WebDAV support
Mac Keymap12K223 Mar 2006AmigaOS4misc OS4 keymaps for Apple Mac keyboards (British, Swedish)
ltc9K1.1a02 Feb 2006AmigaOS4util Locale telephone code info for Installer scripts
Twiglets6K1.224 Jan 2005AmigaOS4util Make big text from ordinary fonts
jpEgXInFo11K1.102 Jan 2006AmigaOS4util Drag'n'drop JPEG/Exif information viewer
pdversion.rexx4K1.120 Apr 2005Amigautil Shows version number of printer drivers
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Amiga,Variousgame[more info]Gardening has never been so much fun
Ambot63K2.52003Amiga,Sourceutil A programmer for the Real Robots Cybot robot
Back of the Grid: The Sinclair C5 Simulator303K117 Mar 1998Amigagame The ultimate Sinclair C5 simulator. Race against another player, the computer or the clock!
BATSI4K123 Mar 1998Amigautil Adds your expansion boards to the sysinfo.boards file
Clink10K1.120 Oct 2004AmigaOS3.5util Adds an item to the Tools menu to create filesystem links
Daz-Chaz: The Trilogy47K131 Mar 1998Amiga,CasiogameStarring Shane Ritchie! Will you pass the Daz Doorstep Challenge, or, er, not?
displaybeep1K118 Jan 1999Amigautil Alert the user with a configurable beep
ftpCHMOD8K107 Jun 1999Amigautil Change permissions on remote directories
HTML Uploader Amigautil Uploads changed files
PDHFIC (OS3) 307 May 2001AmigaemulConvert Datatypes images to Spectrum format
Perch8K107 Jun 1999Amigautil Add CHMOD support to FTPMount
ppmtovtx (LhA archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceutilConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
ppmtovtx (Zip archive) 1.3Amiga,intent,DOS,SourceutilConvert PPM pictures to Videotex/teletext block graphics
Spectrum GlowIcons19K1AmigaOS3.5emul A collection of Spectrum emulation related GlowIcons
VerTool9K1AmigaOS3.5util Obtain the version information of the selected file from the Tools menu
Weird Stuff460K05 Jun 1998Amigagame Includes the famous RM380Z emulator, a David Darling simulator and loads of other crap
Welsh/Cymraeg language driver10K115 Dec 2007AmigaOS4misc[more info]Welsh language driver and keymap for OS4
XFD glue code for OS414K101 Dec 2007AmigaOS4misc OS4 glue code for xfdmaster.library
ZX81 Utils / Spectrum.font204K428 Jun 2008Amiga,intent,Sourceemul Contains Pot81 to convert between Xtender and Atari emulator formats, and some quick ports of ZX81 listing utils and a new ZX80 listing util with GUI
Zzz Busy Pointer Amigamisc 1.x busy pointer in the 2.x style
Children's Favourites 1 AmigamiscChildrens' favourite songs, volume 1 (Spidersoft)
Children's Favourites 2 AmigamiscChildrens' favourite songs, volume 2 (Spidersoft)
Children's Favourites 3 AmigamiscChildrens' favourite songs, volume 3 (Spidersoft)
Home Wine Making Recipe and Record Filing System AmigautilA wine recipe database and record card system (Spidersoft)
NL_Winner AmigautilNational Lottery database and prediction utility. Supports syndicates. (Spidersoft)
Spidersoft Utilities AmigautilGarden Designer, Property Protector, Better Boot Screen (Spidersoft)
Troubleshooter AmigautilTeletext-style help program (Spidersoft)
Oh No! Traffic Warden! AmigagameBoard game (Spidersoft)