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These were all originally designed for the Casio fx-7300G programmable graphics calculator. They are likely to work on other Casio calculators (perhaps with a few slight modifications), but no guarantee is given. I can't give support for these, so please don't ask.

If you want a proper graphical game rather than these text-mode affairs, try Casio 3D Maze (external link). Note that there seems to be a error in the last line of prog bank 1 - it should read V=0=>Y->L.

There are also games here and here, but are for the 7400 and other models so may not work (read: fit in the 7300's very limited memory).


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neuro writes:

I managed to emulate Out Run on my Casio 10-digit calculator ...


the 4's were palm trees, the .'s the road and the 8 was the testarossa ...
the calcy had 6 memory slots, so i just paged between them with the 8 in
different places, so it appeared the 'ferrari' was driving about the road.
I even kept one memory slot for

4.......8  (which was a crash in to the palm tree)

God, I was bored in Standard grade exams ... :)