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Games etc. for the Casio range of graphics calculators

Bored during maths? You have a Casio graphics calculator? Then what are you waiting for? These programs will relieve boredom, and even help you with your maths work (well, that's what you tell the teachers, anyway).

These definately work on the Casio fx-7300G, but should work on other models, as well.

Oh, and you might have to hunt around for a few things.
eg. => is in FUNC-PRGM-JUMP and -> is the memory-type button, <> should be the "does not equal" symbol and / is actually the little "pause-prog" triangle.
Exclamation marks are kindly provided by the x! function - thanks!

ALS Advanced Lawnmower Simulator
DAZ-CHAZ Daz Doorstep Challenge
Daz Challenge Daz Doorstep Challenge 2
Quad Solver Quadratic Equation Solver
Number Guess Number Guessing Game
Identify Simon Erm, Identify Simon
ANS Advanced Ninja Simulator
Haylp! HAYLP! Mini Adventure Game
Cakey Wakey Geoff Leff's Cakey Wakey
Calc Invaders Casio Space Invaders
Lemming Lemmings clone
Currency Conv Useful Currency Conversion Thing
Colin Culk Colin Culk's Questionnaire - are woman MAD?
ACS Advanced Curtain Simulator
Maths Test 0 out of 10 Maths
Bush Tucker Man Well, Bush Tucker Man, Obviously.
Morning After The Morning After Simulator
The Terrace The Terrace - with Mike Reid
Biscuit Factory Biscuit Factory Game
Nerd Calculator as advertised by The CyberTwats
MS-DOS Prompt As good as the original
Whittle With me, your host, Tim Vine!
Long Words A conversion of Matt Bielby's program
Strange&Boring Just a random letter generator, really
Hole In One! A highly accurate golfing simulation

All calculator games have been written by Chris Young and/or Phillip Lake
© 1996/7 Unsatisfactory Software


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