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Versions 1.x were written by Richard Körber.
Versions 2.0 and up are updates by Chris Young.

V3.16 » (01.10.2021)

· Use locale.library to convert node names, this should remove accents from characters for better compatibility. Note: Requires locale.library v38+, so command line now needs OS2.1 minimum.
· Add basic support for OS3.2's @{img command.
· Fix some deprecated calls under OS4.
· Fix wrong icon when saving defaults.
· Fix "Main" node incorrectly being suffixed in single file HTML.
· Toggled default off for Mozilla navigation bar as it is very obsolete.

V3.15 » (21.06.2008)

· It is now possible to blank out navbar labels to prevent certain links from being shown.
· A tab between the node name and title was not being recognised as whitespace.
· Macro arguments not enclosed in quotes would crash GuideML.
· GuideML did not always pick up the line number in links.

V3.14 » (10.05.2008)

· Fixed various aspects of single file creation: line numbering, links to external documents, nodes with names which start with "main", tidy up of anchor names, now creates files called <guidename>.html in the specified directory instead of main.html.
· Input file requester now has a hook function to detect AmigaGuide files instead of relying on the name only.
· Fixed some memory leaks
· Reversed the order the macro list is searched (local macros now get priority)
· Fixed the NUMBERLINES tooltype

V3.13 » (04.05.2008)

· Added macro support. AmigaGuide commands within macros will be translated to HTML as expected, and macros within macros are allowed, as are macros with arguments and both local and globally defined macros. You can also use macros to replace AmigaGuide commands as per the AmigaGuide specification.
· Added line number links support. You need to enable adding line numbers to HTML files with the NUMBERLINES/Number lines in HTML option as it makes the files bigger for no benefit if you don't use line number references.
· @font is now supported (as global and local attribute).
· Added @{amigaguide} command.
· Saving a project now uses a def_guideml icon if found, and uses the short forms of the command line arguments where available.
· Fixed "prepend ../" option, which wasn't working in all cases.

V3.12 » (30.04.2008)

· Added "Prepend external links with ../" option to enable multi-file AmigaGuides to be converted, by converting each file into a directory named the same as the orignal file in lowercase.

V3.11 » (15.10.2006)

· Moved the navigation bar options in the GUI to their own tab, to give space on the options tab for (OS4 only) colour selection gadgets.
· body tag now automatically includes background and text colours unless some body tags are manually specified.
· @{PAR} now converts to <br>
· HTML tags are now closed properly at the end of each node/page
· Added support for @{lindent n}
· Too few characters were being checked on some AmigaGuide attributes.
· GuideML now assumes that the BAR tooltype has a leading space.
· The window is now an AppWindow that you can drop AmigaGuides onto.

V3.10 » (28.09.2006)

· Modified the source code so it compiles with GCC4 and vbcc. OS4/PPC version is now compiled with GCC4, OS3/68k version is new compiled with vbcc (instead of StormC)
· Fixed a bug where the contents link pointed to "l" unless "use MS-DOS compatible filenames" was enabled (only affected the 68k version)
· Fixed the blank error requester which appeared if image links where enabled
· If GuideML is run from the command line, the errors now appear in that window again, instead of popping up
· Changed the link images to Martin Merz's ones from AISS
· OS3 and OS4 versions are now in the same archive

V3.9 » (17.10.2004)

· Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if converting twice
· Set the file request string gadgets to read-only

V3.8 » (25.09.2004)

· Removed some Enforcer hits
· Now works again from the CLI (oops)
· Other minor bug-fixes

V3.7 » (04.09.2004)

· Fixed @title parsing, it now reads the title correctly in all cases

V3.6 » (30.08.2004)

· Added SINGLEFILE option (by popular request!)
· All errors really do now bring up a requester when run from WB
· Fixed NOHTML so it now includes any specified HTML footer
· OS4 compile only

V3.5 » (15.08.2004)

· Added LINKADD and NOHTML options
· Stopped GuideML from popping up in a console window when run from WB
· All errors now bring up a requester when run from WB
· OS4 compile only

V3.4 » (07.08.2004)

· OS4 specific source code changes

V3.3 » (08.02.2003)

· Bug fix: î was being translated to â
· Bug fix: Link line numbers were being tagged to the end of the filename

V3.2 » (04.01.2003)

· Added @{jcenter}, @{jleft}, @{jright}

V3.1 » (03.01.2003)

· Added ReAction GUI (known affectionately as GuiML)
· Rewrote the AmigaGuide
· Now puts the HTML header text above the navigation bar

V2.6 » (31.08.2003)

· Now adds a Mozilla Site Navigation Bar by default
· Changed the default navbar names to their AmigaGuide equivalents
· Bug fix: Now supports node-specific @index

V2.5 » (12.04.2003)

· Added CSS classes to font tags resulting from converted @{fg xxxx} attributes (see usage)
· Bug fix: no longer gives too many double-quotes in the meta tag headers
· Bug fix: leaves "&" alone for imported HTMLHEADF/HTMLFOOTF

V2.4 » (20.03.2003)

· Added support for @{code}, @{body}, @{line}, @{par} and @{plain}
· Now recognises four-character TLDs for email addresses
· Added HTMLHEADF and HTMLFOOTF for support of long headers or footers (up to 4K)

V2.3 » (29.07.2001)

· Auto-detection of @wordwrap and @smartwrap
· Not sure what else, it was nearly two years ago and this version was never released.

V2.2 » (26.03.01)

· Added WORDWRAP (@wordwrap support), SMARTWRAP (@smartwrap support) and VARWIDTH options.

V2.1 » (17.03.01)

· Added CSS option

V2.0 » (16.03.01)

· Bumped version number as GuideML is no longer maintained by Richard.
· Not released - for my use only.

V1.6 » (26. 4.98)

· Support of MS-DOS suffix (.htm) using the MSDOS switch.
· Sourcecode is included under GNU licence.

V1.5 » (26. 9.97)

· Bugfix: two entities were spelled wrong (&plusmin; and &ixcl;)
· AmigaGuide links with line numbers don't lead to bad HTML links any more. (The line number is still ignored!)
· Did some minor tab workarounds

V1.4 » (20. 7.97)

· Bugfix: had trouble when e-mail addresses ended up with an AmigaGuide command [Michael Schulz]
· Generates some <meta>

V1.3 » ( 3. 7.97)

· Bugfix: some internet links ended up wrong...
· '-' in e-mail addresses allowed now
· Minor improvement of the built-in "home" icon
· Now also recognizes "https://" and web links starting with "www."

V1.2 » (24. 4.97)

· Bugfix: TO also changed the source file path
· Now only these images are saved which are also used in the HTML files
· Removed the silly 500 chars internet link limit (and reduced stack usage as a side effect ;)
· Shows warnings (suppressable)
· Now also handles non-convertable link types (like RXS)

V1.1 » (14. 4.97)

· Bugfix: forgot $VER string
· Now also supports @{FG} command
· Recognizes \@
· Internet (http, ftp, mailto, ...) link detection
· E-Mail address detection
· Saves a free set of navigation images
· Footer navigation bar available
· Now you can even feed Umlauts in shell parameters
· Reworked documentation

V1.0 » (28. 3.97) first public release

· converts AmigaGuide into HTML