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NetSurf is a fast CSS capable web browser. The AmigaOS 4 port boasts a new native user interface, with tabbed browsing, bookmarks, history, cookie browser, ARexx port, upload and download of files, HTTP-authentication, secure sites (HTTPS), themeable interface, locale support...

NetSurf official website
Download from netsurf-browser.org
Alternate download: Aminet (only use if the official website is not showing an AmigaOS download for the current version)

Very experimental beta version of NetSurf for 68k.


  • AmigaOS 3.5 or above (not OS4 though, use the OS4 native build instead!)
  • 32MB RAM

Download (Aminet release)
Download (test release) (potentially very unstable and broken, take care!)

There's a nice review on amiga-news.de if you want to read a bit more about it.


NetSurfAddressBook netsurf External address book
SplashLauncher netsurf Display splash image while NetSurf is loading
Firefox 2 Theme netsurf A Firefox 2.x like theme


How to stop Javascript errors in the console?
Add the following to your Choices file:

Can I open a hotlist entry in the current window/tab?
Yes! Simply drag it into the window you want it to open it.

Why do I get a requester asking for HTTP: on some sites?
This comes from a bug in libsvgtiny. Assign HTTP: to T: or install http-handler to get rid of it.

The OS3 version can't find usergroup.library??
I think this only occurs in UAE. Use the usergroup.library in the AmiTCP archive.

"The tree was unable to be correctly loaded" after upgrading
This occurs when NetSurf is unable to load the Hotlist file. Rename users/Default/Hotlist and try again (you'll need to re-create your hotlist though).

Bug reports - IMPORTANT!

When reporting bugs, please provide the steps to reproduce the problem, and obtain both a NetSurf log file and an OS4 crashlog if possible. Use the CI build (under the link on the top-right of the NetSurf download page) to get both of these.

To get a NetSurf log, launch NetSurf with the following command line:
netsurf -v *>ram:ns.log
If NetSurf freezes the computer, you will need to replace "ram:" with a drive which won't be wiped when you reboot (and contains nothing important and a journalling filesystem like SFS or JXFS).

To get a crashog via serial (again, necessary if NetSurf freezes), you may need to run the following command:
kdebug "console serial"

MemGuard found on OS4Depot can sometimes convert freezes into a Grim Reaper.

Please raise bug reports on the official bugtracker.