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http-handler87K1.112 Jun 2022AmigaOS4orig[more info]HTTP: device for accessing web-hosted files
gcp.device1476K1.406 May 2017AmigaOS4obs orig[SUPERCEDED]Google Cloud Print driver
webdav-handler beta1268K3.3 (beta6)12 Jul 2014AmigaOS4orig[more info]WebDAV virtual filesystem
ipp.device1835K1.120 Apr 2013AmigaOS4orig Internet Printing Protocol driver
http-handler beta31K2.4beta25 Oct 2006AmigaOS4obs orig[SUPERCEDED]Virtual HTTP: device with WebDAV support
Mac Keymap12K223 Mar 2006AmigaOS4orig OS4 keymaps for Apple Mac keyboards (British, Swedish)
empty-handler15K1.105 Feb 2006AmigaOS4,Sourceport Creates empty files - OS4 port
gsitemap.php2K1.112 Dec 2005PHPorig Easy creation of Google Sitemaps
Welsh/Cymraeg language driver10K115 Dec 2007AmigaOS4orig[more info]Welsh language driver and keymap for OS4
XFD glue code for OS414K101 Dec 2007AmigaOS4orig OS4 glue code for xfdmaster.library
Zzz Busy Pointer Amigaorig 1.x busy pointer in the 2.x style
iTrove tools4K10 Jun 2013Sourceorig[more info]iTrove tools (example source only)
Spidersoft Shareware AmigaOld software written partially by the same author
Children's Favourites 1 AmigaorigChildrens' favourite songs, volume 1 (Spidersoft)
Children's Favourites 2 AmigaorigChildrens' favourite songs, volume 2 (Spidersoft)
Children's Favourites 3 AmigaorigChildrens' favourite songs, volume 3 (Spidersoft)