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Current features of FACTS:

  • Uses no external programs
  • Uses the standard bsdsocket.library, not the virtual TCP: handler
  • Can easily (and automatically) switch between DST and normal time, with preset and customisable DST changes. Will also adjust for DST even if you never reboot!
  • Will adjust for leap seconds at midnight, if notified of them by the server
  • Supports servers that transmit local time instead of UTC (daytime service)
  • Can connect to the 'daytime', 'time' and 'sntp' services, on any port number
  • Accuracy of ~20ms with (s)ntp service
  • If time is obtained through SNTP, FACTS can show some information about the current server. Can also show information from David Mills' Public NTP Servers pages.
  • New Aninc(tm) technology often allows FACTS to try another local server when the specified one fails - without needing the address!
  • Lists of servers can be specified and tried
  • Can also try alternative services on the same server
  • Runs as a commodity
  • Can adjust the current time every 'n' seconds
  • Hotkey combination for setting the time whenever you like
  • Installs itself into the WB Tools menu (can be disabled)
  • ARexx port
  • SummertimeGuard emulation, to enable YAM2 to automatically shift in and out of DST
  • Fully localised (WB2.1+ only)
  • Automatically adjusts system time when editing the ENV:TZ file and the timezone settings on the GUI (can be disabled)
  • Supports timezones with half-hour offsets
  • Workbench and CLI modes
  • Can run as a simple updating clock
  • Sets the ENV:TZ environmental variable for you (some programs require this), and will read your timezone from Locale prefs if ENV:TZ is not available. Two different formats of ENV:TZ are available.
  • Can set the BattClock and system time separately, to avoid problems with timing programs which get confused if the clock is adjusted
  • Possibly the first clock sync program to defeat the NTP "2036" bug, and will therefore run smoothly until the 7th February 2114, when the Amiga will crack up (at around half past six in the morning). FACTS2 is also able to fix the Amiga BattClock2078 bug. (but will anybody actually be using FACTS in 37 years time in order to use these features? (probably not))
  • Can check for a new version of FACTS being available.