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FACTS is the first GUI based clock synchronisation program available for the Amiga. It will log on to any NTP server and use either the daytime, time (tcp/udp), or sntp services to keep your clock accurate.

FACTS can adjust your clock on startup, every 'n' seconds, when you ask it to and when an ARexx script requests it. It works across the Internet and other networks. There are at least five different ways to set your clock!

FACTS can cope with any timeserver, and will work with any AmiTCP v4 compatible TCP/IP stack. If your selected server has an unexpected problem, FACTS can utilise the new Aninc(tm) system to try an alternative local server without knowing the address!

Unlike most other programs of this nature, it does not use the virtual TCP: device, and will therefore work with a greater variety of TCP stacks (eg. AmiTCP, Miami, TermiteTCP). It comes with a complete manual in AmigaGuide® format, and free unlimited technical support by e-mail!

Featuring AutoDST(tm) technology, FACTS will automatically adjust both your clock and your TZ variable when the clocks go forward or back - even if you never reboot! It will also adjust for "leap seconds" for immensely accurate time all year round! It can emulate SummertimeGuard for compatibility with YAM2. It is possible to set up an Arexx script to check DST, and then send ARexx commands or edit configuration files for all other programs which need to be notified of the change.

You probably think such a program will cost a lot of money. It doesn't. In fact, it's available completely FREE.

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